The Continent of Elderreach:

Anarchaia, the Isle of Chaos: Run by the most powerful inhabitant, (currently a man called Graft) this island has no formal law. Citizens are allowed to do as they please, although not many people actually live here. The most prominent feature is the Colosseum, which brings outsiders in to try to make some money figthing others in battle. No foreign power has dominion or influence over this lawless land, although many attempts have been made. It is also known as Crime Heaven and is a headquarters for bootlegging, slave trading and forgery.

Asrael, the Isle of the Gods: Named after the Divine Messenger, this island is where deities are said to ascend or descend between realms. On the Island are two rivers, Caias and Abellon, which end in the shadow of the Floating Palace of Ascension. The Palace of Ascension is a castle in the sky that floats on an over-turned mountain. It’s lowest point is a mere 300 yards above the ground. It is the meeting place of the Gods. Surrounded by mountains, one can see the Isle’s edges from the Castle’s battlements. The castle itself has twelve gates, each marked with a symbol and no mortal has ever stepped foot inside it.

Axeblade Island: The southernmost land in Elderreach and the Realm of the Wilds, a group of people who are able to shift into an animalistic form and use their rage simultaneously. Outsiders are unwelcome, for the most part, and it seems their only allies are the Tribefolk. Their leader is chosen every four years, with a tournament on Leap Year Day.

The Badlands and the Kingdom of Necrothrall: The Badlands is a decent sized country covered entirely in swampland and riddled with forests. Deep in this land is the castle of Skull’s Hold, the home of Zathrak, the King of the Swamps. On the two islands that lie off the coast (Wraithblade and Worgfang) the Swamp King keeps his prisons. These prisons house his prisoners of war, traitorous men, and his daughters. Guarded by undead and swamp beasts, his twelve daughters are kept away from all men, and his prisoners are kept from rescue.

Bareah Ahsudai, the Desert Gem: A kingdom on the desertous peninsula to the west. It’s towns and cities are bordering oases and connected by underground catacombs and aqueducts. The King’s Palace rests upon a large underground spring, providing adequate water to the kingdom. Many live on or below the poverty line.

Bryn, the Mountain Kingdom: A mountainous country to the north, it is inhabited by dragonkind and pegasi. The only nation sharing a border with Slavyria, and the only country to have a permanent peace treaty with them. It’s palace is on a lovely plateau in the middle of the Guardian Mountains. The people here work alongside the dragonkind and pegasi and Bryn is famous for it’s Skyriders. The current leader is Queen Vadia, a highly established Skyrider.

Jherubara, the Black Plains: This sandy nation lies between the Badlands and Raider’s Range. It is home to the Hourglass of Fate, a large hourglass the size of a castle’s tower that is said to count down to the end of the world. A greedy, scoundrel nation, it is ruled by the last person alive in the great Daggerfall Dance. an event in which all the participants wear masks.

Karbala, the Holy Nation: Wedged between the ocean, the Vast Wastes and Bareah Ahsudai, this Holy Nation is where the great Clerics journey to make their pilgrimage. Although it is a neutral land, most of it’s support goes to good-aligned nations. The capitol is also named Karbala, called the Holy City, and is on the edge of the Great Lake of the Gods. The leader is the eldest cleric and no one church may gain power over the others. Those outside the High Circle are confused and dumbfounded as to how the churches could possibly work together.

Moonglow: The Kingdom of Malchior ‘The Silent’ Greyflame. This is a neutral kingdom and always will be. The Island of Moonglow is the birthplace and home of the Greys; a secret organization dedicated to the preservation of Balance. Each member has a supernatural power that is unique to the the organization and the individual. The native land of Changelings. The Great Dead Lake rests on it’s east edge, surrounded and protected by mountains. It is said to house the spirits of the dead, particularly lost souls and those seeking absolution. The lake can only be reached through the Moonglow Catacombs.

Paradise Isle: An island south of Azrael, Paradise Isle is home to the Lake of Living Waters, which cures every affliction and houses the beautiful Paradise Nymphs. It has been said that one could communicate with the Gods through it’s waters. The island is surrounded by a reef, which makes it near impossible to reach from the sea.

Plainsdale, the Twin Country: Nestled in the heart of the Northern Continent, Plainsdale is mostly one wide-open plain. Sprinkled with forests and dabbed with lakes, this country is home to the Queen’s Cavaliers. Traditionally, the country has always been ruled by a Queen.

Raider’s Range: A southern mountain range home to brigands and raiders who often do battle with the Tribes. They raid merchants who bring goods between the Tribes, Jherubara and the Badlands.

Riverdale, the Twin Country: Sharing it’s borders with Bryn and Plainsdale, the Kingdom of Riverdale is home to the King’s Coterie. It’s mostly plain land, but the numerous rivers make it extremely easy for traders. There is a never-ending peace treaty with Plainsdale.

Schnellfӓng, the Windswept Wastes: Across the sea from Riverdale and bordering the Tribelands, this kingdom is home to the Tempest Guard, an elite group of dervishes who fight while spinning and moving like the wind. The mysterious king holds the four wings in his castle towers.

Shay, the Forest Country: A country to the north between Bryn and Reaper’s Range in the Vast Wastes. A mostly forested valley governed by a republic empire whose leaders are chosen from it’s settlements. The people here live in trees and many are of Elven descent.

Slavyria: A winter land to the north inhabited by Giants, Dwarves and Kyries. Outsiders are held with suspicious regard until gaining the respect of a leader. King Thorgrim lives in Kyriefjord Castle and the end of the Yorganmund River.

The Tibelands: A large area consisting mostly of plains and hills that has been unconquered and uncivilized for over a millenia. The 12 Tribes that inhabit the land were originally from a far away land. They came from the sky on big metal birds and settled the land and have been here since. Their way home is long forgotten, but their strength grows. They have seemingly no desire to conquer other lands and only fight outsiders when their lands are threatened. Exiled Tribefolk have joined ‘civilized’ armies as mercenaries, and their skill is near unparalleled.

The Vast Wastes: An incredulous desert bordered by the Reaper’s Mountain Range and the Eastern Kingdoms, Karbala and Bareah Ahsudai. It is riddled with the Ruins of civilizations past. Legend has it that it used to be part of the plains and home to a dazzling civilization before the Reaper cut it off and made it barren. He did this because he fought Valeshaar here and lost. After cutting off he land, he created the Remnants.


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