Playable race: REMNANTS

History: Long ago, the Dark God, Gormogon, tired of his followers turning to his former ally and lover, Valeshaar, created the Remnant race as an army with which to war against her. Remnants, having no souls or free will, could not turn against him and could only foloow his orders. After the war, Gormogon granted most of his army the girt of free will, allowing tham to live a life of their own. in gratitude, the Remnants made a pact to worship only him, if any god, and to only breed inter-racially. Any Remnant who breaks this pact willingly is subject to the removal of his free will or destruction.

Society: Remnants are mostly wanderers and travelers. There are only a handful of Remnant societies and these are on important sites few and far between. Having no souls, Remnants can only feel stronger, primal emotions like envy, loneliness, fear and rage. They are most often of neutral alignment but are commonly misguided, used and manipulated. They hold Vessels and few Clerics in regard amongst themselves.

-Soulless: Remnants cannot be spell casters except Clerics of Gormogon or Spellthieves and cannot be raised by any spell short of True Resurrection. Cannot become Undead.
-Vaporous Remnants: 1d4+ Con mod rounds after Remnants die, their bodies evaporate into the air, creating a stinking cloud effect for 1 hour per HD that can’t be dispelled.
-Languages: Common, Remnant
-Medium Size, Base Land Speed 30 feet.

Brutes: These large, muscularly built Remnants that use their strength to make a living. They often have red, yellow or orange eyes, sharper teeth and flat noses, little or no hair, which is normally any shade of black, brown, red, or very rarely blonde.
+2 str, +2 con, +2 intimidate. Barbarians get Extra Rage as a bonus feat, Fighters get an extra bonus feat.

Stealth: These are light-weight, nimble Remnants who are often employed as spies or use their abilities as thieves. They often have blue, green or silver eyes, long, slender fingers, and hair that is any shade of black, blue, silver or very rarely blonde.
+2 dex, +2 cha, +2 move silently, listen, search and spot. +1d6 sneak attack, +2 skill points at first level.

Halfsoul: These are moderate or average built Remnants who are chosen to be Clerics or Vessels. They often have silver, crimson, violet or black eyes which can be mismatched or reflective, but only rarely and never both. They have hair that is black, purple, red, blonde, brown, or blue, which can be two-tone. Their skin is normally pale, but a slight tint of red or blue is rare.
+2 wis, +2 con, +2 heal, +2 will save, Vessels get one extra trait, Clerics get Divine Weapon Upgrade (treated as having the next level in weapon focus – weapon specialization, even if lacking the prerequisites).

Anima: These are moderate to average built Remnants who find a home in the wild. They see themselves as brethren to animals and are often Druids and/or Rangers. They have tanned or pale skin, dependent on their native environment; hair that is normally shades of green, black, brown, or in winter-lands, white; they have sharper teeth and finger nails; eyes that are brown, gold, yellow, white or green.
+2 dex, +2 wis, +2 handle animal and knowledge nature, +2 poison resistance, Druids get 1 extra wildshape, Rangers get +1 level animal companion.


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